Barnett speaking


TEDx Jacksonville: RAIN: A History For Stormy Times

Commencement address to Unity College

Blue Revolution: A water ethic for America

Putting Faith in a Water Ethic

The Secret Watershed: Restoring history & nature in a lost landscape


Can we engineer a way to stop a hurricane? (National Geographic, October 2017)

Nature isn't on a rampage; that would be us (The Los Angeles Times Sunday Op-Ed, September 2017)

Saving Our Oceans: Why it's Important to Save Our Seas' Last Pristine Places (National Geographic magazine cover story, February 2017)

We may live in a post-truth era, but nature does not (The Los Angeles Times Sunday Op-Ed, February 2017)

Obama Creates Connecticut-Sized Ocean Park, Largest in the Atlantic (National Geographic September 2016)

Hawaii is Now Home to an Ocean Reserve the Size of Texas (National Geographic August 2016)

The Magic of Squeezing Water Out of the Sky (Zocalo Public Square February 2016)

The Toil & Trouble of Climate Denial (The Los Angeles Times Sunday Op-Ed, January 2016)

'The Weather Experiment' by Peter Moore (The New York Times Sunday Book Review, July 2015)

A Stormy History of Weather Reporting (Mental Floss, June 2015)

It's Not Just a 'California Drought.' (Los Angeles Times Sunday Op-Ed, May 2015)

How to Appreciate the Rain. (UK's The Big Issue, May 2015)

To Fight the Drought, L.A. Needs a Rain Revolution. (Wall Street Journal, April 2015)

Making Perfume from the Rain. (The Atlantic, April 2015)

Congress's Hare-Brained Scheme to Shoot Rain from the Skies. (Politico, April 2015)

Hey, America: It's time to talk about the price of water (Ensia magazine, Fall 2014)

Groundwater Wake-Up: A new view of global groundwater reveals an urgent need to reverse depletion trends (Ensia magazine, Fall 2013)

Water Works: Communities Reimagine Ways of Making Every Drop Count (Orion magazine, July/August 2013)

America's Illusion of Water Abundance (LA Times)

The Last Rope Swing

Hope for Springs Eternal

Way Down Is The Suwannee River

Toward a Water Ethic

How deep is the water crisis?

What wet and wild Florida could learn from the arid West

Niagara’s Fall

Salty Solution?

Looking for Clarity


Florida and Fire (New York Times)

Final Frontier

Uncertain Legacy


The Church's Ranch


Watchdogs on a Leash

Home Sick

Road Racket


John Morgan Unplugged

Tommy Greene's True Colors


Body Parts from Bovines

Culture of Trust: PBS&J


Mother's Day, meet the kinder, gentler survivalist

More water resources

A Water Ethic for Florida

Interfaith handout: Bringing a water ethic to your place of worship

A Christian readers guide to Blue Revolution

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